A Simple Update

Lot’s of things happening right now for HELP.

– In the next 10-14 days we will be launching our orphan support website. It’s really good!
– Next week I will be in Raleigh at the Advance 09 Conference. Can’t wait to connect with friends.
– I’m starting a blog tour: we will be discussing orphans, poverty, mission, justice and the church with various bloggers across the country. If you want to host me, leave a comment.
– I’m working on a mini e-book on Gospel Justice.
– HELP just leased office space, this scares me.
Campaign to End Poverty is up and moving forward. Folks are getting involved, love it.
– Working on creating a project we are calling “grassroots activism” for HELP. A decentralized movement of people who will get involved with HELP via local hubs.
– We FINALLY got our 501(c)3 approval. So so so happy about this.
– Starting to book churches so we can speak and advocate. Theme-Gospel Justice. I would love to share at your church, youth group or business.
Jeff Mangum will be speaking to 8,000 – 10,000 students in the next 60 days. Promoting HELP and advocating for the oppressed.
– Starting to ask churches, friends, and investor to support HELP.
– Feel like HELP is focused with a clear, simple vision-orphan rescue, orphan support and advocacy. That is it!
– Booking house shows, to share the vision.
– Asking folks to volunteer their time and use their gifts to make HELP a better org.
– Looking forward to hiring a new employee for HELP in the next few months.
– We will be opening the office a few nights a week so folks can volunteer and get involved.
– We are still a multi-hundred dollar organization. This must change.
– Feeling stressed, happy, frustrated, excited and all sorts of other emotions.
– Praying that orphans are rescued, loved and cared for because a group of people are willing to sacrifice to create an organization that stands in the gap today, tomorrow and forever.
– And I still have no clue what I’m doing or if I’m doing it right. But I do know that God’s hand is on this ministry, and that makes me happy!

Creating a movement of love, hope and story so we can rescue and support orphans by advocating on their behalf.


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I’m the Founder/CEO of Help One Now. I live in downtown Raleigh with my family. I’m a justice advocate, who loves empowering leaders (and tribes) to launch movements for doing good.

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