Learning to Rest

I don’t rest well, I just don’t. I don’t sleep well either and I don’t eat well. Basically, I’m a walking heart-attack waiting to happen. Awesome!

These past few days I’ve felt a great desire to rest, of course this is not good timing, since I can’t…Hopefully soon!

For me, I rest well when I’m doing something I like. Maybe chilling at the beach or hiking in mountains, etc! My mind needs to be mesmerized by my surroundings, my attention must be fully captured, or else I’m a train-wreck waiting to happen, A.D.D. kicks-in, I get bored and restless.

Here are some of my top places of rest in no particular order. If I’m at one of these spots, I worry about nothing whatsoever…God’s beauty captures all of me and I’m able to stay in the present.

Alki Beach: Overlooking the Puget Sound & Seattle Skyline as Mt Rainier hovers in the background and Olympic Snowcapped Mountains wrap-around the entire view, while ferries make their way back on forth from the city to the islands. Is there anything better than being in nature and an epic city all at the same time?

Lake Tahoe: AMAZING…Love Tahoe…Mountains, deep blue water, cool crisp air. Love it!

Cape Town: Driving through mountains, watching Baboons on one side and Whales jumping from the deep blue ocean on the other, as mountains cascade deep into the sky…It’s truly breathtaking.

Asheville, NC: The Appalachians/Smokey Mountains are simply beautiful. Green trees crash into blue skies, colors pop all around you, the vibe is slow and peaceful. Love those mountains.

Wilmington, NC: I’ve spent many-a-days with my family on NC beaches. The water is great, not to hot or cold, the beaches are rarely crowded and Dolphins are jumping all around while my kids run wild. I prefer the view of West Coast beaches, but I’ll take the water temperatures on the East Coast any day. Plus, I love the inter-coastal water way.

San Diego/Coronado: Great weather, amazing beach, sweet city…Awesome!

Where is your favorite place to rest, relax and chill?

FYI: I lost my links to of those who took these pics. So sorry I can’t give credit.

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