I Don’t Want Your Help…

I say this all the time; I really don’t like “asking” for help. Well, let me reframe that thought. I love asking for help, when it comes to orphans and caring for those who have suffered. I consider that a privilege.

But, I hate asking for help for me, or my family. I guess I have this rugged individualist nature in me; Maybe I’m allowing dominate Western culture to shape me more than the gospel? Or, maybe I’ve watched far too many John Wayne and Cline Eastwood movies…Okay…maybe not!

When Jesus said it’s hard for the rich man to enter heaven, this is what I think he means, the very nature of the gospel is doing life together and serving one another. Rich people (people who can care for their own needs, with their own resources) can care for their own needs, they don’t have to be vulnerable. Even if they’re broken, they can hide their brokenness with the “stuff” they have.

Not so for the poor!

Nothing belongs to me, it all belongs to us, should be our natural position.

When you’re rich, you don’t need help as much. When you’re poor, you have no choice but to ask for help.

Jesus calls all of us to be poor (in Spirit), even if we have resources. This is exactly why it’s hard for the wealthy to embrace gospel community. The poor have no choice but to accept help, the rich have to CHOOSE to embrace the fullness of gospel community. (submit to one-another)

I don’t want to ask you for help, but that is not the posture of the gospel. And this is why the gospel is so transformative!

I ask you for help, you ask me for help, together we ask God for help!

We’re all poor and in need of a savior, so we all come together under God’s grace, and because of that grace…we embrace a humble posture that says it’s okay to ask for help!

Photo taken in Haiti Nov 2010 by Blanca!

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I’m the Founder/CEO of Help One Now. I live in downtown Raleigh with my family. I’m a justice advocate, who loves empowering leaders (and tribes) to launch movements for doing good.

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