Cities I want to visit.

I’ve been blessed to travel quite a bit. Or, some could say I’ve been cursed.

I love visiting new places, learning culture and connecting with locals. Its good for the soul and also sparks so much fresh creativity. I’ve also realized how cool some cities are that don’t quite have the clout of other more well-known cities. Lot’s of geographical arrogance, which is quite sad!

I won’t even begin to process what international cities I want to visit…that’s a whole new blog post.

That said, here are some of the cities that I’ve never truly been able to visit and explore and I hope to someday soon!

– Minneapolis/St Paul: Heard so many good things about this place. I don’t want to come in the winter though! 🙂
– Portland: I’ve visited Portland multiple times. But, I’ve never explored the city. I can’t help but wonder how cool it would be to sip coffee at Stumptown or eat donuts at Voodoo. And of course the beer…
– Ann Arbor: In the summer!
– Orlando: Again, I’ve been here, but have not explored the city!
– Louisville: College Town – Enough said.
– Virginia Beach: Hello, ocean!
– St Louis: This will happen soon I hope.
– Indianapolis: Heard downtown is cool.
– Pittsburg: Seems as if this city is having a renaissance?
– Denver: Been multiple times. But, I’ve never explored.
– Kansas City: I drove through KC before, that’s it. BBQ!!!

What are some other cities I should visit?

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