Stop Talking and Start Working

I was writing this morning on this exact topic, when I saw this from Don Miller.

“I think half the battle of a creator is in finishing their projects. I wonder how many of the worlds greatest creators never created anything great, because while they may have had the intelligence and even the skill, they weren’t finishers. Finishing is part of the art.”

Finishing is part of the art.

Do you hear that? If not, please take a moment and let it sink in.
So much art (work) is lost because it never gets finished. I hate that! Sometimes you get a vision, then you have to shut-up and work. For many people, it’s important that they STOP talking about the vision. (until the vision is NAILED down with proof in writing – if it’s not written down, it’s not a vision, it’s just a dream, which means you’re not leading)

It’s also important to stop meeting new people to discuss the vision. More talk and more meetings usually create more work or sideways energy. It’s not BAD work, just more work. The project expands, the visionary gets lost in the muck-and-mire, then the visionary hits that project plateau. Exhaustion sets in, too many voices and opinions create a scattered visionary, and eventually the art is not finished, or if it is finished it’s late- too late!

Say no to meetings, don’t seek any more advice. Hide out, work, create a plan-of-action, prove it on paper and test it in real life situations. (implementation)

This could be how it looks in real life:

– Dream is birthed.
– Data is collected. (research and references)
– Advice is sought, for a season.
– Project is confirmed and the real work is started.
– Dream is tested in real life.
– Dream is released and the visionary once again goes public to create a tribe!

I’ve learned the hard way, but I think it’s worth repeating, stop talking and start working!


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