Finishing Well: The Importance of Friday

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Finishing Well.

Missional people, in general, thrive to take advantage of time. The Bible tells us to number our days. God has given you and me a mission to accomplish, a calling to live out and gifts and passions to move forward and see fruit through our actions.The question is this: How does our calling become tangible; living, and real? When I first started  H.E.L.P. I use to agonize over this. For MANY months I had little tangible evidence of God working. I was focused on the stateside operations: funding, legal, etc.  I wanted desperately to H.E.L.P. our friends in Zimbabwe who we’re suffering deeply. That was the reason we started H.E.L.P.

I lost sleep, worried and felt guilty.  But, I realized something along the way….

Change happens through focused work that is concise and intentional. The ONE thing we all share in this world is time, we all draw from the same bucket, no one has an advantage.  How we leverage our time to fulfill our callings is determined by our willingness to steward our time well. And if we do, we will see the life-altering fruit from our daily actions and work ethics.

Focused, intentional work has a snow-ball-like effect. The best decision you may ever make is to realize the power of showing up each day and working hard. This is what separates the doers from the dreamers.

I really enjoyed Brad’s recent blog post, so many nuggets in there. We all have to finish. We have to complete and “ship” work.

Write, edit and post = work done on this blog post.
Pray, study and preach = work done and lives impacted.
Storyboard, design, code, publish = work done and a website that is live.

And this is the importance of Friday. If we only have five days of work,  we need to ensure that each Friday we finish strong, we focus hard and we work well.

On Friday’s, it’s easy to think about the weekend, it’s easy to begin to slack-off, it’s easy to push things to Monday. But, when it’s all said and done, it’s better to finish strong and then rest deeply on the weekends.

Every Friday we get a chance to practice the discipline of finishing. So today, let’s finish strong!

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