Don’t Forget to Love Today

Photo Credit: Erin Murphy Trimble
Photo Credit: Erin Murphy Trimble

Later today, I have a board meeting for H.E.L.P.

We will make a lot of key decisions for the future of our organization. We do our best to steward what God has given us. We do our best to make decisions that will help us accomplish our mission, which is:

  •  Rescue orphans: To provide shelter and a loving community that will oversee the kids.
  •  Restore their hope:  Which means, to ensure each child has their daily needs met. (food, clean-water, clothing, health-care, etc!)
  •  Renew their communities: Our hope is that the kids we sponsor today, won’t need their kids sponsored in the future. Therefore, we’re passionate about creating healthy infrastructures so the community can thrive “someday” without the help of aid. So we do our best to create jobs, focus on education, provide healthcare, clean-water, and plant healthy churches who will love and serve the community!

Sometimes, it all gets really complex. We have no guaranteed outcome. But we do have targets and we see the “plan” is working.

But, the one thing we need to remember above all, is love. The picture above reminds me that I get a chance to show love to these kids and to their community.

Today as you do life, go to work, engage in culture… don’t forget life truly boils down to love.

Love God, love your neighbor… It’s simple.

So today, go love somebody. We all need a hug. We all need encouragement. And we all need hope!

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