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In just a few days I will be on a jet-plane “once again” leading a trip to Haiti. This is Help One Now’s first bloggers trip ever. We have some truly amazing (A+ list) leaders coming with us. Brilliant storytellers who use the pen, keyboard or the camera to tell stories of truth, hope and love.

We have hundreds of kids that need sponsors in Haiti. Some of these kids eat every-other-day and they can’t afford to attend school because they can’t afford uniforms and school fees. School started this past Monday. We want to change that.

Here are the storytellers. (Bloggers)

Deidra Riggs, Jen Hatmaker, Sarah Bessey, Kristen Howerton, Jennie Allen, Mary DeMuth, Duane Scott, Dan King, Kris Rutherford (filmmaker), Scott Wade (photog) and Mollie Burpo (photog).

This trip could NOT have been possible without our friends at Pure Charity. They have helped to back this trip and we are very thankful for their founders Josh and Kristen, our friend Bret Raymond, and Help One Now’s board member and Pure Charity chief catalyst –Mike Rusch.

Of course we have the good-ole-faithful heading back, Jacob and Lamar who will help lead the team and Jen will be making her first trip to Haiti.

I need your help.

1) Click here to go to our official bloggers page.
2) If you blog – add a banner to your website ASAP, please.
3) Follow us (Oct 8-12) on our FB page, Twitter, hashtag is #help1haiti.
4) Next week, would you share our story to your tribe? On your blog, twitter and FB. We want as many people as possible following the journey and sharing the story.
5) Pray for the team.

I’m so excited about this trip and the impact it will make for our friends in Haiti.

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