When God Changes Everything.


I’ve been trying to find a moment to process last week’s epic Haiti trip, but I struggle to define such a thing with mere words. There do not seem to be any that fit or make sense or communicate the depth of the trip.

All I know is that every time we take a trip, we allow the team to see our entire work, no holds barred. It’s beautiful and messy. It makes sense, yet sometimes it does not make sense. For instance, it would be so much easier if we decided to not work in Tent City. It is a place of no easy answers in a country that rarely has an easy answer anyhow.

But does God really wants us to seek the easy way?

When you take a group of influential bloggers on a three day, break-neck trip and connect them with three local leaders, the stress levels can be quite large. They have such little time to process what they see and hear. Yet, I saw our team connect deeply with leader after leader and their stories of faith, courage and hope. I saw our team have grace, ask deep questions and allow time to process the complexities of extreme poverty, orphans, trafficking and Haiti.

And then — they wrote stories. Woah! This is why so many read their blogs and buy their books; they are kind of good at telling stories. As I read them, I was thrilled with deep excitement and joy because these bloggers were connecting deeply with our Haitian leaders and they were getting our vision on how we can help them.

The trip was going smoothly. Then God decided to change everything.

Every trip always seems to have a moment, we actually pray and hope this moment arrives. A place where you know man is not leading, that God is. Ours came Thursday morning. We were on our way to the airport to drop of two of our team members and then head to Drouin, which was our BIG story. These children were actually the main reason why we decided to take this trip; they desperately need sponsors.


But God had other plans.

On our way down the mountain, one of our vans broke down. After 14 trips to Haiti, we’ve never had a car breakdown. Immediately my mind went to plan B. We simply did not have enough time to make it to Drouin and back before dark. I had promised the bloggers some downtime to pray, process and write; I wanted to keep my word.

So we decided to go back to Pastor Gaetan’s for the day. Once we arrived, we gathered in the living room and I asked the bloggers to dream big. There’s this ONE project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It’s big, audacious and demanding. It’s going to take a lot of effort and a lot of people getting involved.

I knew we had a full day to tell an amazing story with Scotty, Kris and Mollie.

I shared my dream and Mike from Pure Charity shared how they could help. We asked the bloggers if they would engage and get involved. They said yes and, more importantly, they were excited. For now, we’re calling it our legacy project. I told Pastor Gaetan the news, what we we’re going to attempt to do… if you could only see his smile!

(Oh, by the way, this holiday season. I’m going to need your help. Like, I’m really really going to need you to help. Together, we are going to make a long term, direct impact in Haiti.)

What happens when God changes everything?

If we’re willing to listen and obey, when God changes our direction, he always guides us to a better place. I’ve been praying the last two years, wondering, “How am I going to complete this project.” Of course God already knew. See, Help One Now is a bit clumsy still. We have only been around for three years. Our pockets are not deep, our experience is not vast and our track-record is still being defined.

The reality is that we are a startup organization. We bootstrapped this vision. And each day for three years, we have woken up and done our best to fight for those who are suffering. By God’s beautiful grace and power, we have been able to “move the needle forward.” When I say “we” I mean our tribe — our church partners, our friends and networks. This is who Help One Now is–a collection of people trying to do good in this world.

The legacy project will be launched soon. If you want to be notified of the project, please fill out this form below and we will email you quickly. In the meantime, just remember, when God changes everything, that means He’s up to something, and that something is always better than any plan you had concocted in your mind anyway. I can truly say that I’m glad God changed everything on that last day in Haiti.

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