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You’ve heard the story. Over and over. You saw the photos. Over and over.

32 orphans. Pastor Gaetan.

Our tribe has walked with these kids for 2 1/2 years. Because of your generosity and commitment, they have clean water and daily food, they’ve received amazing medical care, they have a home to live in, they have a playground on which to play.

Their lives are better today. They have smiles, they’re no longer malnourished.

They know they are loved and they have hope.

But there has been this one thing we have wanted to do over the past few years.

You see they have a school. Well, kind of–it is just a tent school really. Poles and tarps. It is always getting ripped or knocked down.

For a while, this was okay. It is what had to happen.

But those days are over. These kids and their community need a real school.

The vision is audacious. I’m going to need ALL the help I can get.

We are raising $100,000 to help build a school for 30 orphans and 120 vulnerable kids.

This Christmas.

The Legacy Project is live and ready to go. You can help us launch strong by donating today!

This holiday season, as we celebrate the incarnation of Christ who came into our broken world, may we also live that way for these kids in Haiti. Be generous. Be bold. Be brave.

We need you. They need you. Together, we will make a difference.

The journey continues. Community transformation is happening. We are so excited, grateful, nervous and scared.

For more info, please click here or one of these nifty banners and get all the key details. And take a moment to watch the video and read our official press release. 

We need you!


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