7 Thoughts on 2013

I’m writing as rain falls from the heavens, I hear the drops and splats as I look into the grey dreary sky. My family from Austin is getting ready to return home today and more family arrives tomorrow.

My mind is beginning to shift. Each year, I take the week in-between Christmas and New Years to pray, plan and prepare for 2013. As you can see, I have five major categories that (in my opinions) all deeply intertwined with one-another.

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As I write my thoughts on paper, questions, doubts and insecurities are streaming through my mind, such as…

  • Will I ever get physically healthy? Exercise, eating, etc!
  • Can I make the transition and become a professional writer? (this has never been a dream of mine!)
  • Can we continue to move Help One Now forward and make the global impact that we desperately crave? (hence, why I write)
  • In the midst of the chaos of life… how do I make sure that my connection with God and family are priority?
  • And money… of course!

How do I take these five categories and make sure they flow together and are executed at a high-level?

Seven Thoughts on 2013

1) I want to start the new year having to trust in God. I want my goals to be big enough that my faith is forced to grow. Yet, I also want my goals to be reachable. I need to find the middle-ground, where I’m begging for God to come through, but I’m also planning with wisdom and reality!

2) If I reach my goals will the world be better?  Not, “will I be better, only!” Jesus-followers are called to love their God and neighbor, that is priority and mission. Everything I do revolves around the quest to obey Scripture.

3) I wonder, how can I get it all done? So much to do, so many needs and so little time.  I must prioritize with relentless focus and yet leave margin to enjoy the journey!

4) None of these goals can be accomplished alone. I need mentors, coaches and teams to help me (and for me to help them) move these goals forward.

5) I’m not a fan of dreamers, but I’m a huge fan of doers who have a dream. (Tweet That if you agree) Dreams add little value, doers change the world and make an impact.  I’m obsessed with surrounding myself with doers. People who are passionate about taking the dream and working hard to see if come alive.

6) Wise people understand that you can’t plan life on paper. We are not in control. All of these plans can blow-up and are beyond my control. The plan is not an idol. These plans are a compass, but if life takes crazy turns… I need to prepare myself for that possibility and adapt on the fly!

7) I will fail. It is a non-option. If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough. Be ready to fall and get up, again and again!

 Living the Dream in 2013

I hope and pray that 2013 is a great year, one with meaning and purpose. Obstacles will need to be overcome, resistance will have to be fought and hard decisions will be made.  But each day is an opportunity to move the needle forward. Which is all any of us can do or ask for.

Everyday is a building-block for success and meaning. Some days will be amazing, while others day will be discouraging. But in the end, each day is vital to ensuring 2013 goals and dreams are accomplished!


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