Building a School and Fighting Slavery

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Tomorrow I head back to Haiti, once again, for our first vision trip with some key church partners from: Imago Dei Church, (Tony Merida & Nathan Akin) Connections Church, (Fred & Cara) Visio Dei, (Jeff Ramsey) Hope Community Church, (Adam Lee)  Church @ Lake Travis (Alex) and, of course, Austin New Church and multiple Help One Now team members.

After the vision trip our storytelling team arrives (Scotty and Kris) for a week. We have some amazing stories to share with the world.

We have three goals on this trip.

1) We will break ground on the Legacy Project, on Saturday, Jan 12. Which will be the 3rd year anniversary of the horrific earthquake. We will mourn the past and celebrate the future.

2) We will visit Ferrier VIllage to see the progress we’ve made on construction and meet the new staff. If you want to fight human-trafficking in 2013 this is a great opportunity. The story is amazing. Soon we will literally have 20 kids living in the village. These kids have either been trafficked, or are double-orphans and highly vulnerable to trafficking. Pastor Jean Alix called this his “greatest project he’s ever been involved in.”

3) The vision team will get a chance to meet our leaders and see our model. All of these churches have ALREADY invested in Help One Now and Haiti and now they get to see the work.

We will also see the progress of our 100 Homes Project. (we are currently building 5 homes for families who live in tents) and our micro-loan initiative. In 2013, you will hear a lot more about these projects.

Doing Good

It’s inspiring to see how much “good” is happening in Haiti. Many folks who do this kind of work claim Haiti is the”toughest place in the world to work in.” I”m not sure if that’s true, but we are seeing some truly amazing progress.

But, we refuse to give up on the Haitian people. They’re amazing and we will continue to serve them and fight for a better future in Haiti. This is why we believe in direct impact relationships; no middle-man getting in the way of progress.

We could never do this without you (our tribe) and we are thankful for your continual investment in Help One Now and the ongoing projects for the people whom those projects serve.

My ASK to you!

Now we have two ASK’s for you. Ready?

1) Pray for us. (If you will pray, please leave a comment on this blog.) It’s always good to know that folks are praying.)

2) Follow and share: You can follow us on:

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We hope to share some amazing stories and we want the world to know about them!


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