Why I need to be Coached


Why I need to be coached

Yesterday, I spent the entire day with an executive coach. This coach does not accept many new clients, so I was excited when we reached out to him and he said yes!

Help One Now has grown rapidly. We doubled our growth in 2012 and growth opportunities in the next 18 months will be massive. I do not take this for granted and I feel the weight of being responsible for the work that we do.

Therefore, I must be able to spend time with leaders who have much more experience and wisdom than I. My coach has “coached” the best of the best in corporate America, nonprofits and social entrepreneur organizations.

His wisdom and experience has tremendous value; of course, it was not cheap. That is the problem with many nonprofits. We want to change the world and yet, we have such a deep fear of spending money. However, I believe you get what you pay for.

And I got a lot.

My team and our board has worked incredibly hard over the last three months. A few of us had to pull all-nighters to create our 18 month plan of action in time for our board meeting a few weeks ago and my coaching session. It was extremely stressful. After we came up with our strategic plan and budget, we sent it to our board for feedback and approval. Then we sent it to our coach for feedback.

He spent a week going through the data, plan and finances and then we met for eight hours. Fifteen minutes into our meeting, I felt a tremendous weight lift off my shoulders as my coach said, “Wow, I’m thoroughly impressed with the plan, budget and competency of Help One Now. You are on your way to some massive growth opportunities.” (Growth for us means direct impact around the world.)

Then he said, “If you do these two things, you will get geometric growth and solve the problems that Help One Now is passionate about:

1) No more new ideas.
2) Execute. Relax and work the plan, because the plan is will work.”

That statement is so simple and yet so vital. Here is why: every leader and organization needs to allow trusted outside voices to enter into their world and give feedback. This feedback creates tremendous confidence and clarity. My board and my coach basically gave the exact same feedback.

And now, I’m so excited to move forward, execute the plan and solve the problems about which we deeply care. We will have to pivot here and there, make some slight changes along the way and execute well each day.

However, if we relax and work the plan that is in place, the outcomes that we desire will happen.

It’s hard to put a pricetag on how vital this is for myself and our team. If you lead an organization, do yourself a favor: spend some money on a coach. Trust me — it is worth it.

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