Innovation Does Not Happen In Isolation


Innovation Does Not Happen In Isolation 

I was at the beach last week spending some time with the family before the summer ends and real life begins again.

I was processing some info and reflecting on the last few years. As I dug deeper into my thoughts, I realized how much The Idea Camp tribe has shaped my life and Help One Now.

For example:

  • Charles, the Idea Camp founder, is a close friend and Help One Now board member.

  • Mike Rusch is another close friend and Help One Now’s Board Chair. He co-led Idea Camp: Orphan Care with Charles and myself and he is running point on Idea Camp: Human Care.

  • I’ve been on a fitness journey and Marc has been a huge inspiration. You guessed it — we met at IC.

  • Keith Kall has impacted how I view poverty alleviation and fundraising.  I got to know Keith at The Idea Camp.

  • Kristen Howerton took a bloggers trip with us — after which, over 100 kids were sponsored and we raised over $200,000 to build a school in Haiti. I met Kristen at The Idea Camp.

  • Dan King is a great friend and key player in Help One Now, from last years bloggers trip to running our social media to some upcoming resources on which we are working.

  • I was just invited to speak a conf in Philadelphia; I met LT at The Idea Camp:Justice.

I’ve also been invited into some amazing conversations, like spending time with White House Faith Based director Joshua Dubois in LA and my invitation to the White House Innovation gathering last summer.

So, why Idea Camp?

Because innovation does not happen in isolation.  Instead, it happens in real, authentic community. (Tweet That)

That is what The Idea Camp is – a community of dreamers, innovators and, more importantly, doers who are all rooting for each other.

We’re asking the hard questions. We’re having hard conversations. But, we also journey together, over time, to flesh out those conversations in community …  which then leads to innovation.

We all know that “changing the world is hard.” But, that does not mean that it’s impossible. If we are going to “change the world”, however, we must innovate.

So how do you Innovate?

1) In Community. World changers cannot be lone rangers. Rather, we come together to learn, give, serve, pray, and help each other succeed and solve problems.

We don’t run alone; we run together and it’s life giving. In the good times, we celebrate each other. In the hard times, we encourage one another. This is powerful.

2) With Collaboration.  As we live in community, we learn how to work together. We ask questions like: What is my role, what is your role and how do we leverage each other’s wisdom, tribes and resources to accomplish the mission?

If you go alone, you may build a great organization but you will never multiply your efforts. For example, I met Chris at The Idea Camp: Orphan Care. After years of connecting over coffee or lunch or on social media, we decided to work together in Uganda.

3) Without Competition: We have zero reason to compete against one another. Don’t get me wrong, we can compete with each other, but not against one another. Yes, there is a difference.

When I see another non profit do something innovative, it motivates me to lead better and execute at a higher level. Yet, I’m HAPPY for my friends who are succeeding. I’m connected to their success because I’m involved in their story.

4) Stay the Course. After IC/HC is over,  you need to stay focused on building relationship offline and online. Much of the fruit may not be known for years. But, stay the course, continue to add value, find ways to help and when in need, reach out and ask for help — you will be surrounded by a community of people who believe in you!

So, Are You Coming?


We still have room for you to come to The Idea Camp. If you are on the fence, it’s time to commit and say yes and join us in Austin.

Trust me when I say this — The Idea Camp is NOT like any other conference. It’s very unique as it’s rooted in community and not performance. It’s not about WHO is on stage. Rather, it’s about a collective unit of misfits, dreamers and doers who gather for two days.

Use code  “Ideacamp15” for 15% off registration. I hope to see you in Austin and I hope together we will live in community, find ways to collaborate as we root for one another to succeed and build relationships over time.

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