I Guess I’m Writing a Book

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I Guess I’m Writing a Book. (yikes).

While trying to get through security in the Miami airport after spending 5 days in Haiti, my friend Jen looked at me and said, “Chris, you need to get serious about writing a book. These stories need to be told.”

I’ve already felt the call, but struggle to be a writer. You have to understand that writing is one of my greatest fears.

I’m a builder of organizations. I can speak anywhere, anytime, and I love any meeting that includes a whiteboard and some idea-makers.

Writing… not so much. My grammar capabilities have been stuck somewhere around the 5th grade level, which means both of my daughters tend to correct my writing all the time.

I’ve never read a book on writing, I’ve never followed a writing prompt, and I’ve never had a desire to write a book. Heck, I can’t even blog consistently.

A few weeks ago, I had to Google what exactly a Literary Agent actually did.

So Why Write?

I love stories and I love to read. And, if somehow God can use my writing and an epic editor (seriously, I feel badly for whoever has to edit my book) to help make an impact on the global poor and to help empower His Church to live on mission — then I will write.

Which means, I must face my own fears. This is difficult.

I Hired An Agent

I knew I needed an agent to help walk me through the process and mentor me. And, of course pitch my idea to key publishers.

I had two great conversations with two well-respected agents. They represent writers who I love and respect. I pitched my idea to them and they saw what I saw.

The idea is very different; it is creative and fresh. (I think) I can’t share it yet, but I can give a hint — we say it at Help One Now all the time.

Both agents were interested and I actually signed a contract with one of them. (See, I don’t even know if it is kosher to go public with his name. Tells you how much I know about this industry.)

Time To Write

In 2014, I will spend many early mornings and late nights writing. I want to write for God, the orphans, our local leaders in Haiti and Africa, and YOU.

But, I’m SCARED TO DEATH that I will write an average book that no one will read.

Trust me, if my books stinks, my own staff will ignore it, and there is a good chance my wife won’t even read it.

But I also know there’s a chance that the words on the page will have meaning, will bring some people to tears, and will open up new worlds and new realities. So, I’m now proclaiming that, “I Am a Writer.” (Just made Jeff very happy!)

Oh, and I heard authors get rich. Maybe I can send my kids to college after all, right? Okay, just kidding.

ps: My friend Ken does the majority of the editing for this blog and Help One Now. He’s good; you should check him out.

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