The Payoff

You know that moment when all the pressure disappears? You can look back at the work, the stress, the obstacles and the risks and you finally reach the reward at the top of the mountain?

Watch this video for 10 seconds.

The Payoff

We all were a bit weepy… the week had brought MANY challenges including driving 8-10 hours a day in a van that felt more like a wooden roller coaster from the 1970’s.

Then there was also four or five hours of sleep in six different hotels and constant packing and unpacking over and over again!

And, of course, the never ending search for decent wifi so that the writers could actually POST some content.

The greatest part for us was truly spending time with Ethiopian families; although we heard their stories of pain and heartbreak, we also heard  their stories of redemption and hope because of our sponsorship program.

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*Photo Credit to Scott Wade and Ty Clark*

Inside,  you wanted EVERY SINGLE FAMILY IN THIS COMMUNITY to have the same hope and not just a handful who already had their kids sponsored prior to the trip.

You want them to send their kids to school and not to a labor field. You want them to eat three times a day and not just once. You want them to have dignity and hope and not suffering and pain.

You want these families to smile and know that God is love and His love is present. You want them to know that His love is sometimes revealed by other people who are traveling on the same journey and doing their best to love their neighbor whether that neighbor is next door, or in this case, across the world.

You want our local partners, who have been working so hard to keep this community together for so long, to feel relief and to see all of their hard work payoff. You want them to know that they do not have to do this work alone; they have a global community of friends who will walk with them.

Hope traveled to Ethiopia this past week and love became evident every time a child was sponsored.


After eight days of travel, a year of planning, two years of praying, and after a lot of financial risks… you see the payoff. Over 330 people said YES to helping keep these families together in Gunchire.

Needless to say, we were ecstatic. It felt SO good to get on that plane and deal with an 18 hour flight knowing that we crushed our goal and that hope was becoming evident in Gunchire and that the lives there will be changed FOREVER.

And not only that, the people of Uganda are also being impacted by this trip. Over 25 sponsorships have come through for our community there since  we reached our goal for Ethiopia. THIS.IS.AMAZING!

You can sponsor a child in Uganda…right now!!!

Thank You

I want to say thanks to the Hope Travelers.

The Writers: Brandon and Jen , Korie , Jillian, and Kristen.

The Creatives: Scotty, Ty, and Jacob.

Help One Now team: Lamar and Tim  and our stateside team –you all crushed it.

To Mike and the entire Pure Charity team for the technology to execute the plan and the passion to empower nonprofits to do good and do it well.

!deation for the amazing branding. Thanks for helping us to shape this trip and tell powerful stories.

And to our local leader, Aschalew, and his team on the ground. They are the true heroes who do the hard work every day. They brought hope long before this trip and they will continue to bring hope long after the lights fade.

AND YOU – all of you who prayed, who shared our story with your tribes, and who sponsored a child and helped to keep that family together. You are amazing!!!

Yes, we did it, we reached our goal, we felt the burden lifted from our shoulders… God is good and we are so thankful that together, we all played a role and together we were able to make a massive impact in Ethiopia!

Let’s celebrate this amazing moment together!


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