The Simple Good Podcast: The Anchor of Courage with Tyler Reagin

I had the honor of sitting down with Tyler Reagin to talk through part 4 of our 5 Anchors for Overcoming Life’s Storms series: Courage

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Show Notes –

We often picture courage as a defining trait for heroes and larger than life leaders. But, as someone who knows both a lot of leaders and a lot about being a leader, my guest Tyler Reagin believes courage is vital for us all.

In my conversation with Tyler, we discuss how we can all be courageous as we live a life of leading and influencing those around us. Whether you are on the frontlines fighting against the pandemic, fighting for social justice, or just fighting to maintain sanity in these tense and uncertain times, courage is a critical anchor that we all need in order to weather life’s storms. 

About my guest:

Tyler Reagin is the founder and CEO of The Life Giving Company ( He is the author of The Life-Giving Leader (Oct 2018) and a 2nd leadership book to be released in March 2021. He is the former President of Catalyst, a leadership development organization that exists to unify and equip leaders who love the Church through resources and experiential events. Prior to leading the charge at Catalyst, Tyler served for seven years under the leadership of Andy Stanley as the Service Programming Director of Browns Bridge Community Church (a campus of North Point Ministries). He received his Masters of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and currently serves as a leadership coach for teams and organizations. 

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