The Simple Good Podcast: The Anchor of Generosity with Dave and Jenny Marrs

This week on the Simple Good Podcast, Dave and Jenny Marrs join me to discuss our Fifth and FINAL anchor – Generosity!

Dave and Jenny are the perfect people to talk with about living a life of generosity. We chat through how generosity is not just about finances, but about living a life devoted to causes and efforts that are bigger than ourselves. 

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Show Notes –

Often, we associate the word “generosity” with money or financial resources. But, Dave and Jenny Marrs show us that living a generous life can mean so much more: from devoting time and effort towards a cause, to living a life showing our children how we can commit to causes that are bigger than ourselves. 

About my guests:

Dave and Jenny Marrs are a builder and a designer couple, who are also passionate advocates for community transformation, family preservation, and orphan care around the globe. They live in a rescued and restored farmhouse with their four children and what Jenny refers to as “too many to count” farm animals. Most recently, they have worked with HGTV to develop Fixer to Fabulous, a home renovation show focused on restoring historic homes in their beautiful Northwest Arkansas area.

Dave and Jenny also run The Berry Farm, a u-pick blueberry farm in Bentonville, which allows local families to enjoy the experience of filling their own buckets with fresh, local berries. The real mission of The Berry Farm is a domino effect rippling from Northwest Arkansas to Zimbabwe, where profits from the farm support vocational training, farming skills, and food for children who have been orphaned. 

Find Dave and Jenny on Instagram: @dave.marrs @jennymarrs 

Find Dave and Jenny online at: 

The Berry Farm: 

And be sure to catch Dave and Jenny on Season 2 of Fixer to Fabulous coming to HGTV in Fall 2020!

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