It’s that time of the year again… the cold air moves in, the leaves start to diminish, and all things Christmas dominate our lives. If we can fight all the noise and clutter, the shopping, the extra parties and the pressure to perform, we remember the subtle beauty of Christmas — a life-changing gift to humanity. God gifted the world a divine Son who would teach us what it means to live the best possible life.

Giving is a way that our lives reflect God’s character. God gave his only Son, who then gave his life, so that we can be restored and find our way back to God. Likewise, God asks people to give their lives in such a way that mimics God’s own generosity.

This time of year, organizations are asking you to help them fulfill a like-minded mission. Churches, educational institutions and nonprofits are all asking you to support their meaningful work.

Generosity ties our hearts with God’s giving nature, which leads us to a fulfilled life. How should that look? In ten years of leading Help One Now, I’ve partnered with thousands of people like you to do good. Here are three things I’ve observed:

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