I’m very excited to finally let the world know that Necole and I will be moving to Nashville soon. While we’re still working out the details in this ever-changing world, we should land in Nashville in mid-August!

A few things:

1) The Help One Now office will still be in Raleigh and the Marlows will keep our Raleigh house. We will be splitting time in Raleigh and Nashville!

2) Mackenzie starts college in August at the UNC Asheville

3) Bailey will continue her schooling at Southeast University in Downtown Nashville

Why Nashville?

  • I do not want to be on an airplane much due to the unknowns of COVID-19, so the drivability of Nashville to key cities and the proximity to our kid’s college is a big reason why we are making this decision
  • Necole and I will be a little nomadic for the next season of life. We plan to spend much time in Nashville, Raleigh, Northwest Arkansas, Austin, Los Angeles, and so many other cities.
  • We also finally get to live out a big dream of ours: to travel for 3-6 weeks to some of our partner communities. You heard that right, we hope to spend much of next summer in Africa, with our leaders. We finally have the ability to do this being empty-nesters and all. So, if you want to go to Africa next summer, let me know! #covidgoaway

So much thought and prayer was put into making this decision. I want you to hear the heart behind this decision. Please click the video below to read my blog and watch a short video from me.

Big Announcement For the Marlow Family!

Living in Raleigh has been an amazing 10 year journey. We have so many deep friendships here and my heart mourns not being able to be *here* all the time. But, I have this incredible passion that is the driving force of all decisions: in the next decade, the vision is simple: Help One Now will empower 100,000 families and that will impact 3-5 million people and this movement will be led through local partnerships. I believe this is the best way to break the cycle of poverty!

COVID has changed all of us, I’ve said it before and I mean it: the future is better than the past. Raleigh, you have laid a foundation, I’m going to need you now more than ever to help us build this dream: Nashville, I’m counting on you to help us move this dream forward.

Change is hard, but I’m really excited to lean into this change and see how much of an impact we can make together!

Chris Marlow

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