Let me help you launch, grow, and sustain your organization.

I know how hard it is to launch, grow, and sustain an organization. It’s a true battle, and we all need guides to help us along the way. I have multiple coaches who help me process how to lead Help One Now.

I offer both one day coaching sessions and also one or two hour Skype sessions.

What I do:

I started Help One Now in 2009, which was quite possibly the worst time in recent memory to launch a non-profit. We took a $1000 investment and raised over $5,000,000 in our first 5 years, doubling our incoming donations each year. And we’ve continued to grow every year since, breaking the trends of typical non-profits.

One Day Session

We will go over key strategies on launching your organization and also three primary buckets that every organization needs to succeed.

  1. Morning Session
    How do you launch a organization? What are the key ingredients you need to succeed? In the morning session we will go over key business strategies. This will be the core of who you are and how you build and lead your organization. The foundation must be in place for long-term growth.
  2. Afternoon Session
    In the afternoon, we will tackle the three key buckets that every organizations needs to succeed: fans who love your product, stories that inspire and cause people to act, and systems that will sustain the organization and create efficiency and effectiveness.

The goal of the day is to create a 12/18 month strategy that is holistic, focused, and prepares you to handle the challenges of leading your organization.

We will focus on Three Buckets:

  1. Movement
    How to build a tribe and and create sustainable growth. You need loyal fans–or else you’re dead in the water. There is a strategy behind how to capture people’s attention and get them connected to your vision.
    Key Topics Covered: Geometric growth, opportunities to scale, and product development.
  2. Story
    How to tell a story that matters and gets attention in a world full of distractions? Every organization has to tell stories or you will be ignored.
    Key Topics Covered: Segmented Marketing, Social Media, Film, Photography, Brand, Story clarity and impact, and future trends.
  3. Operations and Systems
    How to have systems in place to handle growth. Growth without systems creates a disaster. Systems without growth do not matter. You need to grow and create systems to handle the growth.
    Key Topics Covered: Team Development, Board Development (for non-profits), System creation, Budgets

One Or Two Hour Skype Sessions

Are you looking for ideas, facing challenges, or you need some feedback? In these one or two-hour sessions we will drill deep into one or two key topics. You choose what we discuss and how I can help:

Fundraising Devleopment
Strategy Development
Board Development
Staff Development
Story Devlepment
Team Development
Growth Development

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