Christmas week is upon us, and with it comes a celebration of the greatest act of generosity that the world has ever seen. God sent his Son to be a sacrifice for us all. I try to imagine that kind of pain, that kind of love, that kind of sacrifice.

I can’t. I’m glad I’m not God.

So then–what do we do now, here on the other side of this sacrifice from God? We have this opportunity to be united with Christ, forgiven and gifted to live a life of purpose and impact.

We must mimic God! We must follow His example and also live a life of generosity. We must refuse to give into the flesh, which says that life and all that we have, our wants, desires, and needs are about us and for us.

Instead, with joy, grace and gratitude, we give. We give our time, our talents, and our resources to help move God’s mission to see the broken made whole, the wounded find relief, and the lost guided back home.

Generosity doesn’t happen out of guilt or manipulation; we give because we care! We give because–well, what else would we rather do? What else will give us this kind of joy, peace and hope?

We also give to guard ourselves, because we know other things want to capture our hearts and turn our life inwards. We give to avoid what can be the scariest moment in life–the one when you think you don’t need to trust God, because you trust yourself more.

Generosity often hurts; it requires something of us. Yet, when we give, we move closer and closer to God and we bring joy to the Father’s heart.

So, let me encourage you to give this holiday season! Give to your local church, give to a friend or family member in need, or give to your favorite charities who are doing good work.

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