Chris is a sought-after speaker on topics of justice, mission, leadership, and organizational development, and he is available to speak to churches, conferences, and private events.

What if doing good was simple? Chris Marlow at TEDxRaleigh 2013

He has spoken at events such as Tedx, FORGE, Verge Conference, Together for Adoption, The Idea Camp, Plywood People, and Tribe Writers, and he was also invited to be a participant at the White House’s small gathering of “Innovators of Doing Good.”

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Tony Merida – Pastor

“Chris teaches me something important every time I am with him. He is an excellent speaker and careful thinker, who is inspiring our generation to seek justice. His ability to stir your heart and capture your mind would be special enough; but his ability to also give you simple action steps to correct global problems makes him a unique gift to the church and the world.” Tony is the Co-Author of “Orphanology”, and a Professor of Preaching

Jen Hatmaker – Author

“While plenty of folks talk about injustice, Chris Marlow moves. He has dedicated his entire life to setting the wrongs right: orphanhood, abuse, trafficking, poverty. He is an advocate with whom I am so grateful to share planet space, and I will gladly follow him into the margins, for he is a brave, smart, trustworthy guide. Great will be his reward one day.” Jen is a best selling author of “Interrupted” and “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess”

Charles Lee – CEO of Ideation Consultancy

“Chris does wonderful work with Help One Now, a thoughtful and holistic effort to help the orphaned and those experiencing extreme poverty. He is tirelessly committed to providing strategic relief to the millions who are far too often overlooked by our world.” Charles is the author of “Good Idea. Now What?”

Keith Kall – Senior Director, Global Partnerships, World Vision

“In a world of distractions from over substance and mixed messages, Chris Marlow distinguishes himself from the crowds by commanding audience’s attention with powerful storytelling, a transparent, compassionate heart and a message of hope and integrity.”

Chester Brewer – Assistant Director University Scholars Program, NCSU

“My students immediately connected with the message Mr. Marlow shared and are eager to rise to his call to serve those less fortunate than themselves in ways big and small. Mr. Marlow’s confidence in and commitment to his message are evident in his delivery and words. If he can get a crowd of 300 college students excited about service, then his skills of persuasion will take him far.”


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