Can Stories Really Change the World?

If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy… — Mumford & Sons One of the greatest dangers in our world is apathy. I’ve dealt with my fair share of it, as have most people. Through that experience, I’ve learned compassion isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us. We have to learn […]

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7 Things I love Right Now

7 Things I Love Right Now 1) I love my family. My wife and two daughters are a forever blessing. 2) I love my city. Raleigh is home. A part of me wonders if I’ll ever live in another city. 3) I love leading Help One Now. It’s fun, exciting, challenging and beautiful. And we’re […]

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In case you have not heard. We have an amazing opportunity right now for the Legacy Project. A private donor is matching every dollar (or in our case, every brick) raised through Sunday night. We need to raise $3000 to fund phase three. (we means, phase four is 100 automatically funded)  We have three days […]

BUILD A SCHOOL TODAY – TRANSFORM A COMMUNITY FOREVER This video, created by Kris, is proof that story can change the world. Help us change the world this holiday season. We need 4000 bricks ($25) to be bought, so the entire school can be built. We’re off to a good start – almost 300 bricks have already […]