It’s always an honor to share the Help One Now story.  It was so fun to sit down with Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn on their podcast, The Dos Marcos Show! We chatted about everything from mountain biking to doing good and empowering families.

Kinsley and Quinn asked great questions about the heart and mission behind Help One Now.

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We specifically chatted about the good that comes when companies and nonprofits partner together to give back, which I believe can be that…“they are able to transfer their knowledge, wisdom and skills. The most important thing you can do is it has to be authentic, it has to be something that really matters to you and your employees, and that will transfer them and kind of to your customer base, and your customers will feel that connection.”

If you’re searching to learn more about the work of Help One Now, or simply cultivating good partnerships in non-profit organizations, check out my episode on The Dos Marcos Show below!

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